Equipment Rental

The District has two “No-till Drills” and a pasture aerator available to rent out to local growers for a nominal fee.

15' John Deere No-Till Drill

15′ John Deere No-Till Drill

“No-till” (also called “conservation tillage”), has developed as an integral part of sustainable agriculture, because it can decrease soil erosion losses ordinarily associated with conventional tillage. With conventional tillage, bare soil is exposed to the erosive action of water and wind.

Under conservation tillage, the implement applies seeds without plowing or turning over the soil. The crop residue buffers the raindrops’ and wind’s energy, so there is less erosive force acting on the soil.The protection provided by the residue, along with the rougher surface that prevails after the drilling, facilitates infiltration and decreases runoff and wind erosion. Since soil moisture content is retained, conservation tillage can also conserve water and fertilizers.

Both drills are 15′ John Deere models with combination seed/grain and fertilizer boxes. The rent is $13 an acre, with a minimum rental charge of $150. Delivery cost for No-Till Drill, $100 up to 70 miles. Mileage over 70 will be charged at the State of Oregon Reimbursement Rate. Please call 541-883-6932 extension 3491, in advance, to reserve one of these drills.

12' Aerway Soil Aerator with pasture harrow

12′ Aerway Soil Aerator with pasture harrow